Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is it Envy???

Facebook is the devil.

I swear it brings out the worst in me.

It's the place I secretly go to stalk my enemies, hate on folks from a far, and go shopping for a new wardrobe.

Yeah, it's for us posers at heart. SMH.

But of recent, I noticed a few "trends", trends being the operative word.

If engagement were a popular haircut like the Aniston or the Rihanna, it would seem as if everyone jumped ship and done gone all committal on a gurl.

2009 has shown to be an influx of people jumping the broom and wifing these hoes or putting a ring on "it", and showing that we are officially committed to each other.

It's as if, engagement has become the we're going steady now.

It's comical if you ask me. I have never been more grossed out by the idea of people as young as 21 getting engaged or enjoying the long walk of shame down the aisle

One may speculate that I haven't been wifed up or claimed as wifey material, that would explain the bitter taste that's in this post.

I'll tell you what, that's not far from the truth. I don't consider myself wifey material...because I don't want to be wifey material.

I'm combative, non-committal, abrasive, selfish, too adventuresome, and won't cooperate for the life of me. And I don't compromise for anything or anyone.

My opinion might scare you off, but let me offer you some history...

I come from a dual parent household. Both of my siblings and myself were conceived in wedlock.

My parents are shy of their 30th anniversary.

The desire to be "united" doesn't exist nor has it ever.

Marriage is not and never will be what it was. That can be seen as either a positive attribute or a negative one. Depends on who's looking. And realistically, what would be the point if the odds were stacked up against you.

I don't want to spit statistics but, lets get real....

Under 20 years old, women are 27.6% likely to get divorced, men are 11.7%
20 to 24 years old, women are 36.6% likely to get divorced, men are 36.8%
25 to 29 years old, women are 16.4% likely to get divorced, men are 22.3%
30 to 34 years old, women are 8.5% likely to get divorced, men are 11.6%
35 to 39 years old, women are 5.1% likely to get divorced, men are 6.5%

If the odds are stacked up against you, why would take the plunge or the chance to potential ruin yourself or whatever means you have complied when you first meet.

I think people have forgotten that divorce is no longer taboo and that because people are much more fickle and impulsive that the permanent things that you have today, ain't so permanent tomorrow.

The time spent on planning the wedding is of much more importance than of planning the marriage.

We rely on the fact that love will save our marriage. Love is the least important in my opinion.

Why are their couples that spend close to 20 grand on a wedding, have college loans to pay down, obsecene credit card debit, and whatever else you've as chossen a lesser priortie to pay for?

Why are their couples who think it's kosher to continue to rent instead of investing in property, like a house?

Why are their couples, who for some strange reason, think it's okay to go without drafting a will once a wedding has taken place?

Look at marriage as a matching fund that you continue to put 100 dollars of your hard earned paycheck in, for some strange reason, the company( your spouse) can't seem to match the funds and then your spending more money than you earned.

What kind of fuckery is that????

Why take the risk? Love can't bring back your cash investment can it?