Friday, January 30, 2009

An Ode to Sam Jackson

How do you watch a movie?

Do you...

Watch a movie simply because of the cast?

ie) Don't front, when you saw 'Fast and the Furious' ladies, you were not watching it for the cars. Vin Diesel and his steroid induced a$ was the only thing you can remember.

Are you...

Able to remove the man or woman behind the acting?

ie) Lindsay Lohan, is and will always be a basehead. But we must give credit, where credit is due. She kicked butt in 'The Parent Trap'. LOL!!!!

Can you...

Remember the last time you saw a movie that had all elements. Drama, Comedy, and Action?

ie) Lake View Terrace. On some real 'ish, that movie was not suppose to be funny. But we all know Sam Jackson. That nicca can scream at anything and it will be pure comedic genius.

Peep the video and compare for yourself.

If you still don't believe this

I'm going, going, back, back, to Cali...

I'm traveling to MIA in a few weeks, and although the flight will be under 6 hours. I wanted to pack two movies for my portable DVD player.

Choosing a movie over another, is the equivalent of someone choosing Gucci over Louis.

It's a statement piece.

I'm setting my vacation, to straight debauchery.

Comedy or Horror. Mystery or Thriller.

To many options, so little time.

And you neva wanna pick a movie you've yet to see or the world's longest flick. That's just a disaster waiting to happen.

Can you image watching 2 hours and some change of "The Color Purple", on a plane, mind you? I'm not tying to hate men anymore than I already do. LOL!!!

Well, I do have an idea of what genre I want...

Comedy seems to be the best bet.

The question is,

'Wet Hot American Summer'


'Pulp Fiction'

You can neva go wrong with some Pulp...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tick Tock...Tick Tock...

Woke up. Ate Breakfast. Brushed teeth. Showered. Changed. Arrive on time????

Let me explain.

I'm never late.

No, listen to me. I'M NEVER LATE.

Clearly I have no concept of time.

Maybe my a$ was pledged to hard or I just can't take it easy.

I don't know how to arrive on time or be late.

All I know is EARLY.

I strive to be late.

Why, you ask?

Because I'm always early, and slightly embarrassed. Showing up early makes me look dumb eager/anxious for no reason.

For instance,

I try to take the long way back and forth. Nope, that don't work.

I try to drive slower. Nope, that don't work.

I try to make pit stops. Nope, that don't work either.

I mean WTF.

Alas, the point....

I had an appointment for 9:50am in Brookline MA....I live in Boston, closer to Milton.

I left at 9:10.

You tell me how the hell I arrived at my destination at 9:30, with twenty minutes to spear???

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clock, Lock, and Shoot

So, recently I've become obsessed with photogrpahy.

I know nothing about photography.

I couldn't name a GREAT if they were standing next to me.

I couldn't name a GREAT, if you fed me their name.
That's how clueless I am when it comes to photography.

But I do know that I love what photographs can and can not do for perception.

The saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is straight truth.

Beauty to me...

Converse's against fresh cut grass.


A single raindrop against a metal canister.

The simple moments, the ordinary.

It can be manipulated to the nth degree, or easily bore.

But to me, that $hit is GOLD....


I'm not going to tell you what I do for a living, clearly for obvious reasons.

What I will tell you is, you definitely know when someone is not ready to make life changes.

Denial, refusal to recognize or acknowledge.

Or in psychological terms:

an unconscious defense mechanism used to reduce anxiety by denying thoughts, feelings, or facts that are consciously intolerable.

Let's use it in a few sentences, kiddies.

The physician has noticed that you've gained a substantial amount of weight in the past 6 months. He's diagnosis you with being obese, and refers you to his physical activities liaison. You then storm your way over to her office and refuse to exercise, because "their ain't nothing wrong wit me"

****insert side eye****

Boo, you's in DENIAL!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Story Time Children....

Fifty minutes till I say SAYONARA to my desk at work.

After all, the real fun begins once I leave the opp. I get to work towards my side venture and second I get to watch a new movie.

Updates later on the flick and my personal review.

But for those who can't wait to hear my take on a new flick or two, here's something to keep you mentally full to capacity.

I wandered across this trailer while "working". LOL

I'll let the trailer do the talking.

'Franklyn' is a cross between Dark City and Perfume.

If you have yet to see those movies, step your game up.

Going Going Gone

Initially when I began this blog, one of my first entries was about making all hobbies profitable.

I'm not gonna just like something, and neva put it to work.

So last night, after a surprisingly productive day at the office, my mother wanted to know if I was serious about the idea that I gave her for a business venture.

Of course I was. I don't throw out ideas to have it blown in the wind.

Anyone who knows me, knows that when I offer ideas, I'm down till that idea has been realized and delivered.

I'm tenacious at the best, and stubborn at the worst.

I will not be deterred...

I will not be defeated....

Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm not gonna front, I've spent all day looking at the clock at work.

When am I going home? When am I going home? When am I going home?

Definitely a "Case of the Mondays". But nevertheless, I survived and don't hate my colleagues anymore than usual.

Which brings me to the purpose, productivity.

The amount of nonsense we can get done, when were in good spirits.

It was to the point that I wanted to sing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music...."

Don't know what changed, cause I'm still stank as eva. Must be that motivation, that drive...

Or that bank account that was looking mighty fine.

Well, whatever it is. I'm getting it together and shining mighty high above the rest.

Sweet Dreams

How many people can honestly say that they have the bigger picture in mind. What is the goal and how does is come to fruition? How does a dream become a reality?

I say my dreams are simple but complex.

Have you dreamt lately????

Summer 09 Fall 09...coming to a theater near you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to Business

Look at the clock right now... you must be wondering, why is she posting so late? What's changed? I'm use to the mid morning satire, not that late afternoon I'm off that computer sick of my damn job $hit.

Naw, I've been on a horrible hiatus, stuck in bed or stuck in the bathroom hurling my good sense of humor away.

But I'm better, sort of. I've been swamped with school $hit and work $hit that you can't pay me enough to endure.

So I'm here slaving and what have ya.

Though, the past few days have been interesting.

Lets start with, my first family is BLACK.

I've never been more proud of Americans. No more lying and saying I'm Canadian.

I was actually listening to NPR ***insert your own personal side eye***

And a Chinese a woman was discussing what this historical moment meant to her and how Asians will see Black's differently. Granted that was such a prejudice comment to make, yet I felt all warm and fuzzy inside because it now means we can be more than the brotha... or the Jezebel, or even better the athlete who can play ball.

It leaves room for soo much possibilities. Positive possibilities.

But please peep something that the masses are sleeping on...

Check how many commercials center around Black people now. I've counted two for every commercial break.

Hey, cut me some slack!!! LOL!

What else are you going to do when your lying in bed all day?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fool Me Once, Shame On You....

Yesterday, I found myself laughing hard at the fact that my girl was geeked up to go see 'Notorious'.

I'm a Biggie Smalls fan myself, but I would not claim to be anything else but a simple admirer of his work.

I'm no Stan and I'm definitely no Lil'Kim 'Bust it Baby' fanatic who's lost their damn mind over some dude that weighed in at 300 + with a BMI of 40 and some change....

Any who, where was I... oh yes. 'Notorious'

This movie, I'm assuming is going to be filled with loads of information that we already know about how Puffy, the name is he went by at the time, and Biggie came to be the greatest rap duo of the 90's. We're probably be pumped with knowledge about Lil'Kim and her Coke can swallowing ways. *** insert double entendre*** LMAO!!!

Last, but certainly not least, The audience will finally find out who killed Biggie. And y'all already know Diddy was behind this one. LOL!!!! I got my theories.

I personally think if you've seen 'Belly' you've seen 'Notorious'.

When I Grow Up...

Truth be told, I don't just spend endless amount of hours on the Internet blogging about bull$hit.

I actually work a full-time job, attend graduate school full-time and have a part-time job.

I'm a sucker for money and knowledge.

School was and still is my main priority, but I wish I held off on it. My reasons for being there are still a bit suspect. And I'm trying to make it work for me, but can't seem to shake off the idea that my intentions were not my motivations.

I mean, my wants are different from my needs.

I suppose, my need to be in school wasn't mine, to begin with. It was someone else want....

And my wants are just the basics.

Life, Luck, and Love.

Is that asking for much?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Dream in Color

Yeah...Hostel II....uhm, yeah... what a muthafu*kin' waste of my precious time.

Like I've previously mentioned, I'll watch just about anything. But dammit, this $hit was not worth watching.

Eli Roth owes me $9.99 and he also owes me 95 mins of my time. That could have been 95 mins put into something like sleeping, eating, I don't know...a shower.

If you haven't noticed, I like the bare essentials in life.

Hostel II wasn't even as disturbing as the first installment.

What kind of crock is that???

After watching the horse$hit of a movie I bit the bullet and choose to watch the DVD features. Behind the Scenes... and the Making Of...

Eli's dumba$$ is talking about how he wants to take Hostel II to the next level and outdo what he did on Hostel I. Yup, you really outdid yourself this time.

***insert side eye***

With movies, you win some, you lose some. And I definitely lost some.

For the Stans...

I'm truly and sincerely flattered by the overwhelming support and following that my blog has received in merely a few weeks.

Blogging has now become apart of my daily routine.

I do it for two reasons.

Reason #1:

I like to point out nonsense.

Reason # 2:

Nonsense never goes out of style.

And my sense of style is to funny to not draw light to it.

I would now like to take a moment to address "The Stans"

You know who you are. And I know you better than you probably know yourself.

Jealously is a sickness that can easily be cured by getting off my jock, that is if I had one. LMAO!

Naw, but for real. Stop biting my style. If you admire, that's great. I admire loads of things, however I'm not to keen on plagiarising someone else blog.

If that's how you blog, well damn. We sound awfully similar.

If that's not the way you blog, it's time to get a new idea.

xoxox...Gossip Girl!!! Sike...

Pink and Green and Everything in Between...

Skeeeeeee-Weeeeeeee to all my lovely ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Happy Founders Day!!!!!!

The First, the first, the finest, the finest, the first and the finest sorority of all sororities...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grocery List

I hate to shop.

Yeah, I said it....I'm a woman and I hate to shop.

Too many options, too many people, especially too much money.Yet, I have clothes for days.

I shop somewhere else. It's local, it's not crowded at all, and it's dirt cheap.

I shop in my father's closet, my mother's wardrobe, and our attic.

I've got a thing for antiques. But every once and a while I crave something new that I may or may not eva use, but I just got to have it.

Enter, the 'harem pants'.

I know, I know... Genie pants are so 1990 and soooo wiggity wiggity wack. But worn correctly they can be so high fashion, and so innovative.

You can even pull off a slightly vintage feel to it if paired correctly with a top and a pair of shoes.

All I'm saying is, don't sleep on something outside your comfort zone.

Ripped from the Headlines

I've acquired two new movies.

Hostel II & Normal Adolescent Behavior Havoc 2.

Both are sequels.

Enuff said.

The original 'Havoc', stars Anne Hathaway, of The Princess Diaries adventures and The Devil Wears Prada film.

She plays none other than a poser. She lives the life of a rich white girl, who just can't keep living the suburban life style that her family provides for her. Cue the violins.

With that said, you already know there's going to be some drug abuse, alcohol use, and last but certainly not least, some promiscuous behavior amongst she and her friends.

It just sux being White and right sometimes.

Fast forward a few more years to 2007, and New Line Cinema picks up the rights to do a sequel.

***insert side eye and sucking of teeth***

Normal Adolescent Behavior Havoc 2 actually was...hmmm, ummm... yeah. It was frighteningly accurate.

A movie that finally gives credit where credit is due to teenagers for their intellect and wit.

Although the plot was a bit concerning. I mean, I like to try somethings at least once, just to know what it's like, but this $hit is not kosher.

Havoc 2 tells the story of a polyfidelitous relationship amongst friends.

Exactly what I said when I wikipedia'd POLYFIDELITOUS.

***insert side eye, again***

I put all judgements aside and watched the damn film. To my surprise, I truly came to love the characters and the depth of emotion that they had within themselves and towards each other.

I definitely feel that the underlining intensity of the "teenage angst" was completely accurate.
The highs were unbelievably high and the lows were completely earth shattering. It hits hard and never stops.

In truth, it was honest. And you know I can't stand the bul$hit.

As for Hostel II, I've yet to watch it.

The atmosphere for that $hit has to be right. Late nite flick that will leave me with nightmares. lol!

I'll keep y'all posted with my opinion on that one.

Daddy was a Rolling Stone....

You ask me, who are the greats. I reply, Hendrix, Armstrong, Simone.

You ask me, who are my greats. I reply, Tek and Dilla

My greats are behind the music. Sometimes it's best to be heard and not seen.

You name any rapper that has come out the mid-west, both Dilla and Hi-Tek have put a spell on their beat.

Even better, you name any conscious rapper to hit the scene, sure enough, Dilla and Tek have laid down tracks for them.

Hip-hop would not be what it is without them.

Jonell, Little Brother, Black Star, Blacklicious, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Slum Village, Common, Q-Tip, The Roots, Madlib, Badu, The Pharcyde, Raphael Saadiq, just to name a few.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, I have a heavy habit of being resistant. Resistant, in the psychoanalytic context of things.

I choose silence over verbal communication. I believe, my silence speaks wonders for what needs to be said. I prefer not to suffer from foot in mouth syndrome. But in no means, when I do speak, do I say things to people with malicious intent. I've moved past that juvenile behavior.

Yet on rare occasions, I feel it necessary to hurt someones feelings. There's a bigger picture ahead of my 'intention' of obliterating you. I merely, say what needs to be said only to wake you up, so to speak, to what you can not see with your own two eyes.

Simply, point out YOUR obvious.

There's a saying, " to be hidden is a pleasure, but to never be found is a tragedy."

So, you're wondering where am I going with this nonsensical rant????

I tend to keep a small circle around me for two reasons.

Reason #1:

I honestly can't keep up with others people's 'issues'. I loosely use the word 'issues' because my problematic moments and experience may not be all that problematic to someone else. My troubles are just that... my troubles. I don't unload on people for sympathy votes.

Reason #2:

More money more problems. More friends more envy, more cats more rats. You get my drift. I refuse to say to myself, " I should have known better." There's a tendency for some to believe that the more people in the circle, the warmer it is. That's a load of crock, the more people in the circle, the more trust come into question. That's not to knock people who have snuggles of friends around. I just don't like room for doubt.

To each is there own, and what works for you may not for your neighbor. But, what I know works well for most is to, "question everything and believe nothing". It saves you the heartache later.

See Spot Run...

Last night, I was in the craziest rush to get out of work and get to Best Buy to purchase yet another workout video that's bound to collect dust. My initial intention was to get a few new ones because the old ones were, well, getting old. Best Buys selection was slacking, although I caught my eye on some yoga/ pilates cardio workout.

What can I say, I like to mix it up. lol!

But any who, after debating on what new moves I was willing to subject myself to, I realized that my DVD collection was getting a little stale too. I mean, you can only watch Donnie Darko so many times before you start thinking your a$$ is time traveling with him.

I'll watch just about anything, only because I like to open my mind to someones visual masterpiece. Some of the best stories that are told through film, are the most underrated movies that don't even make a dent in the box office.

Hence, the Sundance Festival. But back to my Easter egg hunt...

When I go DVD hunting, I have two methods that always work out to my benefit, especially when I'm searching in such a commercial store as Best Buy.

Of course there's a method to my madness.

The DVD cover has to be bland. What I mean is, I look for a DVD that has no bells and whistles. No bright colors, lots of empty space and usually has just the title and maybe a quick blurb.

The second thing I do is look for who's in it. If I've seen you on media outlets like,

E!... I ain't buying it
Access Hollywood.. I'll pass
EXTRA, Perez Hilton, you name it I seen it....I'm not interested

You get the picture, I like underrated actors, characters, storylines, essentially movies that no one has ever heard of.

Perhaps I should give an example of what I mean....

Does 'Juno' ring a bell. The indie film that instantly became a cult classic overnight.

Unwed teen gets preggers and has a decision to make amidst all the adversities that she must face..blah, blah, blah.

But to those who may not know, Ellen Paige, before Juno was in a small budget film called 'Hard Candy'.

Simple storyline with the complexity that kept me wanting more.

Girl meets man on Internet. Man meets girl in ice cream shop. Man invites girl back to his sketchy apartment. Sounds familiar??

What it sounds like to me is the making of a new episode of Dateline, to Catch a Predator. But there are no cameras, no producers and Chris Hansen is not waiting behind the other side of the door.

What happens next in this film disturbs you to the core that you feel as if you shouldn't be watching it, but it's like rubbernecking on the highway. You just can't stop looking at the car crash.

With all the voyeuristic viewing, you are now able to witness something that you may have been curious about for sometime. Movies take being a peeping tom to a sociable after-school activity.

And if being a 'Tom' is your cup of tea, independent low budget films are the way to go.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Eat the cake Anna Mae!!!!!

This past Saturday night, I had an interesting conversation with some of the ladies that I work with. The night was winding down and we had some free time on our hands and the topic of tolerating a relationship came up.

Lil' Wayne said it best in 'Comfortable'

yeah to the left to the left
if you wanna leave be my guest, you can step...

Why do women, and even some men, get into a relationship and get too comfortable?

Lets set it,

5 months in....

even a year....if you're lucky....

or POSSIBLY 3 years...

Why oh why, do you feel the need to accept months, years or an eternity of mediocrity.

If your a$$ ain't happy in a relationship, save yourself the trouble and headache and just step.

I'm no fool, relationships take work and love is not enough.

However, you shouldn't have to settle for less than your standards because you've been together for some time now.

Treat all relationship like investments. When that $hit starts losing stock value, SELL!!!! Don't just sit on worthless stock. You're just losing your money.

If you like giving money away that easily, maybe you should consider donating it to a charity. I mean, at least you're gonna get a fatter tax return check.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crack, Cocaine, Candy, Twilight????

You know you're an addict when you waste away agonizing over the next time you'll get your next hit.

You also know you're an addict when you've push aside all others and all things, just so you can get that hit.

You def know you're an addict when you get excited that one of the main characters you've come to love in a book and now on screen gets to keep his feeding spoon during the worst economy we've ever had and astound you with his performance as Jacob Black in the Twilight phenomenon.

Yes, I'm officially a Twilighter, minus the "Team Edward" "Team Jacob" shirts and mugs that are strategically placed on my furniture at home and work. LOL!!!!

Haven't heard the news as of yet???Taylor Lautner will stay on board to play Jacob Black of the cult phenomenon, known as Twilight.

If you peeped Twilight, the novel, but have yet to peep New Moon, the sequel, you are just a step behind the rest.

Jacob Black and Bella Swan take up a chunk, if not, most of the book. And you some how start to enjoy his character as much as you did with Edward's. It's a different type of allegiance...I guess.

No ones stupid, we all know that Bella will end up with Edward no matter what. But you actually start rooting for Jake to have his day with her. Which he does, and doesn't at the same time.

But back to Lautner. I'm pathetically anticipating the sequel to New Moon with the rest of the teeny boopers, just so I can see how well Lautner gives justice to Jacobs' character. So far, he has proven himself worthy. Let's hope he can continue.

Jacob Black had a pretty small role in Twilight, but in New Moon you truly get introduced to his character and essence.

And like many, I'll be waiting.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lawsuit in the making

So, haphazardly, I came across someone else blog and realized that there is a social forum, much like, that provides gossip on your college campus.

Who's got STD's, who's slept with who, who's breath stank. Plethora amount of absurd bull$hit that clearly takes "Talking $hit" to the next level.

I'm just curious as to when a serious lawsuit will be filed by the parents of someone who jumps off their dorm building for slanderous words that was contributed to cyber bullying about their personal hygiene and whatever else $hit talking people like to do.

Word to the wise,

I would be very careful about what you say on the web, and how you go about expressing your resentment, anger, frustration, etc. about your peers.

Freedom of speech, can only protect you to an extent.

In the Clutch

I enjoy phone calls in the middle of my workday that begin with

"I need a big favor..."

Word, I need a million dollars but I ain't about to ask anyone for it.

So, I'm sitting in my office, working, blogging, drinking my black tea, basically multitasking like my life depends on it, and there it is, my damn phone goes off with a number I sure don't recognize.

Uhhmm...Who could it possibly be?????

The suspense is killing me too.

It was none other than my blood.

Lets just say that blood is not thicker than water and I sure as hell determined that a long time ago, with all the other epiphanies that I make on the regular.

The conversation goes as follow:

Hey, what's up.


I need a favor...

***Insert Favor***

Uhm, can't help ya out there.

Yeah, is there anyway possible---

Naw, sorry I don't think that's happening.

Let me reiterate to those who may not know. Think fast..long...and then ESPECIALLY hard-- when was the last time I asked you for something?

If you can't seem to remember back to that time or it was not in the past two years, maybe you should get a clue that this relationship is stacked up with the odds against you.

$HIT!!!! Don't you think you've used up all your favors.

Favors should be like movie tickets, once they've been ripped by the patron, you can't reuse them.

Favors, it's one hell of a drug!!!

New Years Resolution # 3

Be more Selfish

Do you. It's all about you, yourself, and you, LOL!!

It's tiresome playing the go to person, especially when you ain't eva go to anyone for $hit.

People tend to over extend themselves to folk, who mistakenly take your kindness for weakness.

Trust, this year, don't be an idiot.

All favors shall come to a screeching halt for 2009.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Video Killed the Radio

I'll be the first to admit, I enjoy trashy teen-drama television shows. My nasty little habit all began with the ORIGINAL 90210 and Melrose Place.

When I eventually became a teenager I was an avid Dawson's Creek fanatic. Don't you just here the music playing...
I don't want to wait for our lives to be over, will it be yes or will it be sorry?
Oh, the teen angst of being rich and living in Cape Cod, MA. Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and the rest of the white privileged "underprivileged" characters. Makes me wanna shed a tear. But like everyone else I grew up moved to college and realized that Hofstra did not harbor half these f-ing people. $hit, not even close.

But between then and now, I've picked up that dirty little habit again by anticipating the CW's Monday night line up. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.

Lawd, Jesus, save me now!!!!

What can I say, I'm a sucker for teen smut.

Now I could sit and blog a $hit load of jokes for days about Gossip Girl and the fact that viewers clearly watch this damn show to listen to Chuck Bass's perverted a$$. Or I could $hit on how every new character that's been introduced on One Tree Hill just resembles a different version of the main characters. No really they do, it's absurd.

For example why does Lucas and Peyton's ex boyfriend look exactly alike. I mean, what point are you trying drive home to the f-ing viewer that while Peyton was off trying to sell her a$$ in Cali that she shacked up with someone who reminded her of Lucas. God dammit, could the producers be anymore original.

Or the annoying fact that Nathaniel and the rest of the Tree Hillers needs to stop obsessing over 'Q' so much in this damn seasons storyline. If y'all wanted the Negro on the show, why the fu*k did y'all kill him off in the first place. $hit, he's like in every friggin' episode.

And as for Nate's son, I just about had it with his damn Jerry Maguire, Jonathan Lipnicki, a$$. I'm so damn cute and smart, and love my bunny wabbit.... makes me wanna puke.

Perhaps, this is what test screening results have shown, that these plots, twists and turns are what the audience wants to see. I'm not going to lie, it's definitely keeping me glued to next weeks shenanigans.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Obsessions

Weekends are always so blase for me. The difference between a weekday and a weekend is....there is no difference. I'm always working. Why???? I do it because I like the extra cash, and second, because some small portion of me actually enjoys the work that I do.

The spear time that I allow myself, outside of showering and urinal needs, are right before I head to sleep. I either pop in a movie or catch up on some leisurely reading.

I've recently been obsessed with the Twilight series. I know what some of y'all are thinking, however, don't knock the books because the movie was beyond corny. No bull$hit, Twilight is page turner. Now, I'm not a novelist and I would be the last one to advise people on what is the best piece of literature out there.

So why Twilight??? It just so happens that I enjoy a new movie every once and a while, and the commercials and trailer were to tempting to not want to see it. So, like many, I fell for false advertisement and ran off and read the first of four books in the series.

Twilight was written by Stephenie Myer, and it was her first of many novels to come. It has everything a reader would want and more. It's enticing and has you asking for more by the end of chapter one.

The storyline is as follows. Bella Swan moves from sunny Phoenix AZ heat to the cold rainy weather of Forks WA. She starts to attend Forks high school mid second semester, and to her dismay ends up being the center of attention for all her new classmates. There's one classmate in particular, Edward Cullen, who catches her eye, or should I say her scent, and then it's a match made in heaven. He's a vampire and she's a clumsy girl who is curious about his family.

Now here is when the $hit hits the fan, if you have seen the movie, but have yet to read the book, please don't let the movie discourage you from picking up Twilight at Barnes and Nobles. I'll be honest, I read the book first and then saw the movie and wanted to punch the screenwriter and the director for tearing this movie adaptation to shreds. But that feeling of rage has come and gone and I'm just looking towards the next movie in the series, New Moon.

The movie was nowhere close to the emotions that both Bella and Edward exhibited on screen. The lines that were being spoken by both the main characters of the movie were not as heartfelt as Stephenie Myer had intended them to be when she wrote Twilight. Therefore, many people who are avid fans of the books were not only disappointed, but felt robbed of what the movie really could have been.

With all that said, the conclusion is that books and their screen adaptations will not always run with the same quality and company. Books, short stories, essays, poems, any type of literature that has been transformed into visuals on the screen will be put together to garnish new followers and astonish avid fanfare.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Twice a baby, Once an Adult

Christmas came and went, so did New Years to. However during the holidays and with relatives visiting, I decided to treat my self to a late movie.

Now before I continue, lets just say that movies are like food and water to me. They're a wonderful escape for 2 hours and some change on the bull$hit reality that I face day to day.

If my life is in the $hit hole for a day or two, why not watch a movie where someone's worse off than I am. That makes you really appreciate what you got and what you've been given.

So to the main event, I peeped The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the day after Christmas. Now, I'm a fan of Brad Pitts later work, post Interview with the Vampire, and so on. (If you haven't seen that movie as of yet, one of the best vampire movies that has ever been put on screen). That's pre Tom Cruise and his insane Scientology rants. But to the point and case, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The quick summary is Benjamin Button is born under unusually circumstances. He's born a baby with the fragility of an 80 year old man. Instead of Benjamin growing old like the rest of us, he grows younger. Along the way he meets people in his younger older days and his older younger days that impact his views on life and death. As someone in the audience you are able to witness a lifetime of love and despair in just a few hours.

First things first, some people, I'm not going to name names, **cough, cough**, and side eye, are not going to want to see this movie, because it doesn't have a cast that would hold interest. The only two people of color in the cast are Tarji P Henson, who plays Brad Pitt's mama, Queenie and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, who plays Tizzy, Tarji's husband. However, I would defintely say if that were the only reason you wouldn't see it because you don't recognize half the people in the movie, you'd be missing out on something extradiordnary.

The cinematography is absolutely ravishing and astounding to witness. It makes you wonder how far productions companies have gotten with cgi technology. But that's the background music to wonderful acting, that you didn't even notice how long you been sitting in the theater for. BTW, the movie runs a good three hours so, if you don't suffer from restless foot syndrome you should be alright.

With all that said, I would definetly put some time and money into watching Brad Pitt at his finest. Catch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it's def a $2 on the reel.

Work and Play

Much like yourself, you've made those NYS (New Years Resolutions), and you know damn well you're not planning on keeping them. People bind themselves with way to much $hit to give up.

I'm going to lose weight, bull$hit, you ain't going to lose, you're just going to gain.
I'm going to give up smoking, bull$hit, you're going to smoke one more pack a day.
I'm going to be nicer, $hit, just writing this one makes me wanna be meaner. Lol!

The list goes on people. However, I too, have haphazardly fallen victim to the NYS, yeah I said it, it's like an epidemic around here. But I know in my hearts of hearts these NYS are going to stick.

First resolution,

Take accountability. This means, when the $hit hits the fan, there's no one else to blame but yourself. I will no longer depend on others to come through in the wire. It's me and me alone on this one.
Take accountability can also be seen as, time to grow up dearies. It's time to let all things childish go and revel in adulthood like you ain't never been outside it.

You know the saying, "let your haters be your motivators", I say let your hate be your motivator to your own personal greatness. Nothing's worse than to just be a hater with all that harteration energy and not put it you to use.

Second resolution,

Hobbies = Profitability

WTF does that mean? Well people, a wise man once said, "to know thy self". If you like something enough, put it to work. I refuse to watch people say that they wish they came up with that idea. Well, people have ideas all the time. The one's who make dinero off of it, actually took time to develop it and see where it could take them.

Bascially, don't knock the hustle, unless you got your own. Ideas come and go, but for sure, my money will not.

I'm on that Barack Obama juice, with a side of Michelle Obama motitivation.

Lastly, people will always continue to hate, but do not let them discourage you. Remember those are the same people who neva gave you the time of the day and will soon be so far up ur a$$ that they give you the ill colonic.