Monday, January 5, 2009

New Obsessions

Weekends are always so blase for me. The difference between a weekday and a weekend is....there is no difference. I'm always working. Why???? I do it because I like the extra cash, and second, because some small portion of me actually enjoys the work that I do.

The spear time that I allow myself, outside of showering and urinal needs, are right before I head to sleep. I either pop in a movie or catch up on some leisurely reading.

I've recently been obsessed with the Twilight series. I know what some of y'all are thinking, however, don't knock the books because the movie was beyond corny. No bull$hit, Twilight is page turner. Now, I'm not a novelist and I would be the last one to advise people on what is the best piece of literature out there.

So why Twilight??? It just so happens that I enjoy a new movie every once and a while, and the commercials and trailer were to tempting to not want to see it. So, like many, I fell for false advertisement and ran off and read the first of four books in the series.

Twilight was written by Stephenie Myer, and it was her first of many novels to come. It has everything a reader would want and more. It's enticing and has you asking for more by the end of chapter one.

The storyline is as follows. Bella Swan moves from sunny Phoenix AZ heat to the cold rainy weather of Forks WA. She starts to attend Forks high school mid second semester, and to her dismay ends up being the center of attention for all her new classmates. There's one classmate in particular, Edward Cullen, who catches her eye, or should I say her scent, and then it's a match made in heaven. He's a vampire and she's a clumsy girl who is curious about his family.

Now here is when the $hit hits the fan, if you have seen the movie, but have yet to read the book, please don't let the movie discourage you from picking up Twilight at Barnes and Nobles. I'll be honest, I read the book first and then saw the movie and wanted to punch the screenwriter and the director for tearing this movie adaptation to shreds. But that feeling of rage has come and gone and I'm just looking towards the next movie in the series, New Moon.

The movie was nowhere close to the emotions that both Bella and Edward exhibited on screen. The lines that were being spoken by both the main characters of the movie were not as heartfelt as Stephenie Myer had intended them to be when she wrote Twilight. Therefore, many people who are avid fans of the books were not only disappointed, but felt robbed of what the movie really could have been.

With all that said, the conclusion is that books and their screen adaptations will not always run with the same quality and company. Books, short stories, essays, poems, any type of literature that has been transformed into visuals on the screen will be put together to garnish new followers and astonish avid fanfare.

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