Friday, January 30, 2009

An Ode to Sam Jackson

How do you watch a movie?

Do you...

Watch a movie simply because of the cast?

ie) Don't front, when you saw 'Fast and the Furious' ladies, you were not watching it for the cars. Vin Diesel and his steroid induced a$ was the only thing you can remember.

Are you...

Able to remove the man or woman behind the acting?

ie) Lindsay Lohan, is and will always be a basehead. But we must give credit, where credit is due. She kicked butt in 'The Parent Trap'. LOL!!!!

Can you...

Remember the last time you saw a movie that had all elements. Drama, Comedy, and Action?

ie) Lake View Terrace. On some real 'ish, that movie was not suppose to be funny. But we all know Sam Jackson. That nicca can scream at anything and it will be pure comedic genius.

Peep the video and compare for yourself.

If you still don't believe this

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