Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, I have a heavy habit of being resistant. Resistant, in the psychoanalytic context of things.

I choose silence over verbal communication. I believe, my silence speaks wonders for what needs to be said. I prefer not to suffer from foot in mouth syndrome. But in no means, when I do speak, do I say things to people with malicious intent. I've moved past that juvenile behavior.

Yet on rare occasions, I feel it necessary to hurt someones feelings. There's a bigger picture ahead of my 'intention' of obliterating you. I merely, say what needs to be said only to wake you up, so to speak, to what you can not see with your own two eyes.

Simply, point out YOUR obvious.

There's a saying, " to be hidden is a pleasure, but to never be found is a tragedy."

So, you're wondering where am I going with this nonsensical rant????

I tend to keep a small circle around me for two reasons.

Reason #1:

I honestly can't keep up with others people's 'issues'. I loosely use the word 'issues' because my problematic moments and experience may not be all that problematic to someone else. My troubles are just that... my troubles. I don't unload on people for sympathy votes.

Reason #2:

More money more problems. More friends more envy, more cats more rats. You get my drift. I refuse to say to myself, " I should have known better." There's a tendency for some to believe that the more people in the circle, the warmer it is. That's a load of crock, the more people in the circle, the more trust come into question. That's not to knock people who have snuggles of friends around. I just don't like room for doubt.

To each is there own, and what works for you may not for your neighbor. But, what I know works well for most is to, "question everything and believe nothing". It saves you the heartache later.

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