Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lawsuit in the making

So, haphazardly, I came across someone else blog and realized that there is a social forum, much like, that provides gossip on your college campus.

Who's got STD's, who's slept with who, who's breath stank. Plethora amount of absurd bull$hit that clearly takes "Talking $hit" to the next level.

I'm just curious as to when a serious lawsuit will be filed by the parents of someone who jumps off their dorm building for slanderous words that was contributed to cyber bullying about their personal hygiene and whatever else $hit talking people like to do.

Word to the wise,

I would be very careful about what you say on the web, and how you go about expressing your resentment, anger, frustration, etc. about your peers.

Freedom of speech, can only protect you to an extent.

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