Friday, January 2, 2009

Twice a baby, Once an Adult

Christmas came and went, so did New Years to. However during the holidays and with relatives visiting, I decided to treat my self to a late movie.

Now before I continue, lets just say that movies are like food and water to me. They're a wonderful escape for 2 hours and some change on the bull$hit reality that I face day to day.

If my life is in the $hit hole for a day or two, why not watch a movie where someone's worse off than I am. That makes you really appreciate what you got and what you've been given.

So to the main event, I peeped The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the day after Christmas. Now, I'm a fan of Brad Pitts later work, post Interview with the Vampire, and so on. (If you haven't seen that movie as of yet, one of the best vampire movies that has ever been put on screen). That's pre Tom Cruise and his insane Scientology rants. But to the point and case, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The quick summary is Benjamin Button is born under unusually circumstances. He's born a baby with the fragility of an 80 year old man. Instead of Benjamin growing old like the rest of us, he grows younger. Along the way he meets people in his younger older days and his older younger days that impact his views on life and death. As someone in the audience you are able to witness a lifetime of love and despair in just a few hours.

First things first, some people, I'm not going to name names, **cough, cough**, and side eye, are not going to want to see this movie, because it doesn't have a cast that would hold interest. The only two people of color in the cast are Tarji P Henson, who plays Brad Pitt's mama, Queenie and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, who plays Tizzy, Tarji's husband. However, I would defintely say if that were the only reason you wouldn't see it because you don't recognize half the people in the movie, you'd be missing out on something extradiordnary.

The cinematography is absolutely ravishing and astounding to witness. It makes you wonder how far productions companies have gotten with cgi technology. But that's the background music to wonderful acting, that you didn't even notice how long you been sitting in the theater for. BTW, the movie runs a good three hours so, if you don't suffer from restless foot syndrome you should be alright.

With all that said, I would definetly put some time and money into watching Brad Pitt at his finest. Catch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it's def a $2 on the reel.

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