Friday, January 16, 2009

Fool Me Once, Shame On You....

Yesterday, I found myself laughing hard at the fact that my girl was geeked up to go see 'Notorious'.

I'm a Biggie Smalls fan myself, but I would not claim to be anything else but a simple admirer of his work.

I'm no Stan and I'm definitely no Lil'Kim 'Bust it Baby' fanatic who's lost their damn mind over some dude that weighed in at 300 + with a BMI of 40 and some change....

Any who, where was I... oh yes. 'Notorious'

This movie, I'm assuming is going to be filled with loads of information that we already know about how Puffy, the name is he went by at the time, and Biggie came to be the greatest rap duo of the 90's. We're probably be pumped with knowledge about Lil'Kim and her Coke can swallowing ways. *** insert double entendre*** LMAO!!!

Last, but certainly not least, The audience will finally find out who killed Biggie. And y'all already know Diddy was behind this one. LOL!!!! I got my theories.

I personally think if you've seen 'Belly' you've seen 'Notorious'.


  1. Biggie movie, I have no interest in seeing it in the theaters. It's going to be a mad house full of goones & wanna be thugs. Expect something bad to happen this weekend because of this movie. Black people do not know how to act. Hopefully they'll prove me wrong.

  2. Anonymous16/1/09 19:50

    I agree. I'm just waiting for Sunday nite when they tell you how many murders popped off. Sad but true.