Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to Business

Look at the clock right now... you must be wondering, why is she posting so late? What's changed? I'm use to the mid morning satire, not that late afternoon I'm off that computer sick of my damn job $hit.

Naw, I've been on a horrible hiatus, stuck in bed or stuck in the bathroom hurling my good sense of humor away.

But I'm better, sort of. I've been swamped with school $hit and work $hit that you can't pay me enough to endure.

So I'm here slaving and what have ya.

Though, the past few days have been interesting.

Lets start with, my first family is BLACK.

I've never been more proud of Americans. No more lying and saying I'm Canadian.

I was actually listening to NPR ***insert your own personal side eye***

And a Chinese a woman was discussing what this historical moment meant to her and how Asians will see Black's differently. Granted that was such a prejudice comment to make, yet I felt all warm and fuzzy inside because it now means we can be more than the brotha... or the Jezebel, or even better the athlete who can play ball.

It leaves room for soo much possibilities. Positive possibilities.

But please peep something that the masses are sleeping on...

Check how many commercials center around Black people now. I've counted two for every commercial break.

Hey, cut me some slack!!! LOL!

What else are you going to do when your lying in bed all day?

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