Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In the Clutch

I enjoy phone calls in the middle of my workday that begin with

"I need a big favor..."

Word, I need a million dollars but I ain't about to ask anyone for it.

So, I'm sitting in my office, working, blogging, drinking my black tea, basically multitasking like my life depends on it, and there it is, my damn phone goes off with a number I sure don't recognize.

Uhhmm...Who could it possibly be?????

The suspense is killing me too.

It was none other than my blood.

Lets just say that blood is not thicker than water and I sure as hell determined that a long time ago, with all the other epiphanies that I make on the regular.

The conversation goes as follow:

Hey, what's up.


I need a favor...

***Insert Favor***

Uhm, can't help ya out there.

Yeah, is there anyway possible---

Naw, sorry I don't think that's happening.

Let me reiterate to those who may not know. Think fast..long...and then ESPECIALLY hard-- when was the last time I asked you for something?

If you can't seem to remember back to that time or it was not in the past two years, maybe you should get a clue that this relationship is stacked up with the odds against you.

$HIT!!!! Don't you think you've used up all your favors.

Favors should be like movie tickets, once they've been ripped by the patron, you can't reuse them.

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  1. Anonymous1/2/09 11:49

    you ain't neva lied!!!!