Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crack, Cocaine, Candy, Twilight????

You know you're an addict when you waste away agonizing over the next time you'll get your next hit.

You also know you're an addict when you've push aside all others and all things, just so you can get that hit.

You def know you're an addict when you get excited that one of the main characters you've come to love in a book and now on screen gets to keep his feeding spoon during the worst economy we've ever had and astound you with his performance as Jacob Black in the Twilight phenomenon.

Yes, I'm officially a Twilighter, minus the "Team Edward" "Team Jacob" shirts and mugs that are strategically placed on my furniture at home and work. LOL!!!!

Haven't heard the news as of yet???Taylor Lautner will stay on board to play Jacob Black of the cult phenomenon, known as Twilight.

If you peeped Twilight, the novel, but have yet to peep New Moon, the sequel, you are just a step behind the rest.

Jacob Black and Bella Swan take up a chunk, if not, most of the book. And you some how start to enjoy his character as much as you did with Edward's. It's a different type of allegiance...I guess.

No ones stupid, we all know that Bella will end up with Edward no matter what. But you actually start rooting for Jake to have his day with her. Which he does, and doesn't at the same time.

But back to Lautner. I'm pathetically anticipating the sequel to New Moon with the rest of the teeny boopers, just so I can see how well Lautner gives justice to Jacobs' character. So far, he has proven himself worthy. Let's hope he can continue.

Jacob Black had a pretty small role in Twilight, but in New Moon you truly get introduced to his character and essence.

And like many, I'll be waiting.

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