Friday, January 2, 2009

Work and Play

Much like yourself, you've made those NYS (New Years Resolutions), and you know damn well you're not planning on keeping them. People bind themselves with way to much $hit to give up.

I'm going to lose weight, bull$hit, you ain't going to lose, you're just going to gain.
I'm going to give up smoking, bull$hit, you're going to smoke one more pack a day.
I'm going to be nicer, $hit, just writing this one makes me wanna be meaner. Lol!

The list goes on people. However, I too, have haphazardly fallen victim to the NYS, yeah I said it, it's like an epidemic around here. But I know in my hearts of hearts these NYS are going to stick.

First resolution,

Take accountability. This means, when the $hit hits the fan, there's no one else to blame but yourself. I will no longer depend on others to come through in the wire. It's me and me alone on this one.
Take accountability can also be seen as, time to grow up dearies. It's time to let all things childish go and revel in adulthood like you ain't never been outside it.

You know the saying, "let your haters be your motivators", I say let your hate be your motivator to your own personal greatness. Nothing's worse than to just be a hater with all that harteration energy and not put it you to use.

Second resolution,

Hobbies = Profitability

WTF does that mean? Well people, a wise man once said, "to know thy self". If you like something enough, put it to work. I refuse to watch people say that they wish they came up with that idea. Well, people have ideas all the time. The one's who make dinero off of it, actually took time to develop it and see where it could take them.

Bascially, don't knock the hustle, unless you got your own. Ideas come and go, but for sure, my money will not.

I'm on that Barack Obama juice, with a side of Michelle Obama motitivation.

Lastly, people will always continue to hate, but do not let them discourage you. Remember those are the same people who neva gave you the time of the day and will soon be so far up ur a$$ that they give you the ill colonic.

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