Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ripped from the Headlines

I've acquired two new movies.

Hostel II & Normal Adolescent Behavior Havoc 2.

Both are sequels.

Enuff said.

The original 'Havoc', stars Anne Hathaway, of The Princess Diaries adventures and The Devil Wears Prada film.

She plays none other than a poser. She lives the life of a rich white girl, who just can't keep living the suburban life style that her family provides for her. Cue the violins.

With that said, you already know there's going to be some drug abuse, alcohol use, and last but certainly not least, some promiscuous behavior amongst she and her friends.

It just sux being White and right sometimes.

Fast forward a few more years to 2007, and New Line Cinema picks up the rights to do a sequel.

***insert side eye and sucking of teeth***

Normal Adolescent Behavior Havoc 2 actually was...hmmm, ummm... yeah. It was frighteningly accurate.

A movie that finally gives credit where credit is due to teenagers for their intellect and wit.

Although the plot was a bit concerning. I mean, I like to try somethings at least once, just to know what it's like, but this $hit is not kosher.

Havoc 2 tells the story of a polyfidelitous relationship amongst friends.

Exactly what I said when I wikipedia'd POLYFIDELITOUS.

***insert side eye, again***

I put all judgements aside and watched the damn film. To my surprise, I truly came to love the characters and the depth of emotion that they had within themselves and towards each other.

I definitely feel that the underlining intensity of the "teenage angst" was completely accurate.
The highs were unbelievably high and the lows were completely earth shattering. It hits hard and never stops.

In truth, it was honest. And you know I can't stand the bul$hit.

As for Hostel II, I've yet to watch it.

The atmosphere for that $hit has to be right. Late nite flick that will leave me with nightmares. lol!

I'll keep y'all posted with my opinion on that one.

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