Tuesday, January 13, 2009

See Spot Run...

Last night, I was in the craziest rush to get out of work and get to Best Buy to purchase yet another workout video that's bound to collect dust. My initial intention was to get a few new ones because the old ones were, well, getting old. Best Buys selection was slacking, although I caught my eye on some yoga/ pilates cardio workout.

What can I say, I like to mix it up. lol!

But any who, after debating on what new moves I was willing to subject myself to, I realized that my DVD collection was getting a little stale too. I mean, you can only watch Donnie Darko so many times before you start thinking your a$$ is time traveling with him.

I'll watch just about anything, only because I like to open my mind to someones visual masterpiece. Some of the best stories that are told through film, are the most underrated movies that don't even make a dent in the box office.

Hence, the Sundance Festival. But back to my Easter egg hunt...

When I go DVD hunting, I have two methods that always work out to my benefit, especially when I'm searching in such a commercial store as Best Buy.

Of course there's a method to my madness.

The DVD cover has to be bland. What I mean is, I look for a DVD that has no bells and whistles. No bright colors, lots of empty space and usually has just the title and maybe a quick blurb.

The second thing I do is look for who's in it. If I've seen you on media outlets like,

E!... I ain't buying it
Access Hollywood.. I'll pass
EXTRA, Perez Hilton, you name it I seen it....I'm not interested

You get the picture, I like underrated actors, characters, storylines, essentially movies that no one has ever heard of.

Perhaps I should give an example of what I mean....

Does 'Juno' ring a bell. The indie film that instantly became a cult classic overnight.

Unwed teen gets preggers and has a decision to make amidst all the adversities that she must face..blah, blah, blah.

But to those who may not know, Ellen Paige, before Juno was in a small budget film called 'Hard Candy'.

Simple storyline with the complexity that kept me wanting more.

Girl meets man on Internet. Man meets girl in ice cream shop. Man invites girl back to his sketchy apartment. Sounds familiar??

What it sounds like to me is the making of a new episode of Dateline, to Catch a Predator. But there are no cameras, no producers and Chris Hansen is not waiting behind the other side of the door.

What happens next in this film disturbs you to the core that you feel as if you shouldn't be watching it, but it's like rubbernecking on the highway. You just can't stop looking at the car crash.

With all the voyeuristic viewing, you are now able to witness something that you may have been curious about for sometime. Movies take being a peeping tom to a sociable after-school activity.

And if being a 'Tom' is your cup of tea, independent low budget films are the way to go.

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