Thursday, January 15, 2009

For the Stans...

I'm truly and sincerely flattered by the overwhelming support and following that my blog has received in merely a few weeks.

Blogging has now become apart of my daily routine.

I do it for two reasons.

Reason #1:

I like to point out nonsense.

Reason # 2:

Nonsense never goes out of style.

And my sense of style is to funny to not draw light to it.

I would now like to take a moment to address "The Stans"

You know who you are. And I know you better than you probably know yourself.

Jealously is a sickness that can easily be cured by getting off my jock, that is if I had one. LMAO!

Naw, but for real. Stop biting my style. If you admire, that's great. I admire loads of things, however I'm not to keen on plagiarising someone else blog.

If that's how you blog, well damn. We sound awfully similar.

If that's not the way you blog, it's time to get a new idea.

xoxox...Gossip Girl!!! Sike...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous15/1/09 17:00

    Girl you are doing the damn thing with your blog. Let the haters hate. I must admit, you gave me some motivation to finally start my own blog. XOXO Soror!