Monday, July 13, 2009

Fell Off the Wagon

God only knows what the hell has been going on with me and these erratic posts.

These one week posts are killing me.

The Flo-Jo is back in full effect, though.

I'm now one year closer to being a quarter century old.

All that means is that I'm wiser than yesterday and still naive towards tomorrow.

So, new updates....

I know you guys are feening for my movie reviews and insight.

In all honesty I haven't seen a "brand spanking" new movie.

Although, I peeped "Push" under some illegal substances.

WOW, is pretty much all I can say.

Overall, the movie's plot was sick. However, I'm pretty sure the production company used up all their money for CGI effects and everything else, because the dialogue was atrocious.

But that is to be expected with movies that are geared towards 15-24 year olds.

In instances like these, poor script, great plot, I always have to do a double take on what I'm willing to sacrifice as the viewer.

We're to forgiving when it comes to movies with the least amount of dialogue and the most amount of action.

Summer blockbusters such as Transformers, will never appeal to me, because almost all of the budget is dedicated to special effects instead of building a characters background.

And one last thing....Is it me or has every book been turned movie and every screen writer writes an adaptation strictly from a book.

I mean damn, what's going on with Hollywood???

The creative bug done flown away.

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