Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Tubby Tubby , Two Tubby Tubby....

The last several weeks have only consisted of getting home, watching reruns, having dinner, going to sleep.

Nothing to eventful until now.

It takes me a while to grasp onto a new show. I'm the audience member that focus group handlers revere because I won't give a show a second go unless their focal points are sex, alcohol, and tomfoolery.

You would almost think I was born with a penis.

No penis, just straight vajay jay.

Anywho, last night I turned to FOX to watch the new show "More to Love".

**side eyed intensified**

All I can say, if the purpose of the show was to show big people can find true love regardless of their size, producers sadly missed their mark.

This show almost made "thickums" a joke.

What I saw was some overweight/obese, whiny, insecure women biding for the man of their dreams.

It was essentially the bachelor on cheesecake.

No joke. I swear I shed a tear for the embarrassment some of these women probably feel after watching this show air.

I'm curious to know what executive at FOX said, "I got an idea..."

"Fat women fighting for a semi-attractive man will revolutionize reality t.v."

Oh television, when will you learn. This $hit ain't gonna fly.

Not even a woman who's overweight, an average size 14, would want to watch this show.

The humor came when the cattiness began.

"OMG, I can't believe she jumped in the pool. I can't stand women who try to go the extra mile to get attention."

NEWSFLASH honey, you're on t.v. looking for true love. How extra could that be????

I'm just waiting for anti-discriminating leagues of obese chicks to send a letter of some disagreement of the stereotypical images brought to by your favorite network of racism.

I'd say FOX gets an A for effort but gets an F for execution.

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