Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miami We Go Hard...

I'm back bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naw. Just a reminder that I'm still alive after surviving both MIAMI and the drama that ensued with traveling along with two other people.

I'm not one for complaining about nonsensical $hit that won't do me any good.

I'm also not one for Bull$hit. I have a sharp tongue and use it when necessary.

And most importantly, I never have and never will be at someone's mercy because I need something that I could easily provide for myself.

The nerve of some people.

My nites were filled with Patron dreams and Ganja inducements. Loved every moment of it.

Traveling expenses...well, they were just plain old expensive. But money's not an issue when you have it made like moi.

The "Bold and Beautiful" folk were there doing what they do best. Stutin on them hoes!!!!

The cuisine was spectacular. Def was filled with my likings of seafood.

Overall A++++ trip, minus a few road blocks.

I refuse to let someone make me miserable.

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