Wednesday, June 10, 2009

30 mins....


I've given In Treatment a second chance.

I'm learning to sit with my feelings and tolerate what the season has to offer.

I've just finished week two with Laura, Alex, Sophie, Amy & Jake, and Gina.

For those who may not be familiar with the show.

In Treatment is about Paul, a psychotherapist who has come to a braking point in regards to his practice and his marriage.

Paul, has to juggle the impossible task of maintaining ethically boundaries with his patients, tolerating his family matters and his own therapy. You didn't know, all therapist have therapist!!! And the cycle continues.LOL!!!

When the season begins, it's obvious that his patient load consist of black and white thinkers who either hate him or love him.

In Laura's case, she loves him. Literally.
Come week 2, she admits to wanting him to f-ck her!!!
Talk about "You get what you pay for!!!"

Alex is a veteran fighter pilot who keeps Paul on his toes every week. He type-A personality with a touch of sass.

The man declares Paul as his own personal, Adolf Hitler to all his important decision making.

He always has a dilemma and expects Paul to give him resolve.

Alex decides that he should end a marriage of 15 years because his wife grinds her teeth whlist alseep.

**insert side eye**

Sophie is a teenage gymnast who's injured both arms either due to her "accidental" clumsiness or as an escape from the pressure she feels from adults in her life.

She's a wise-cracking patient. But out of sheer observation, I believe her to be one of Paul's favorites.

He actually feels like he's helping this young precocious girl.

Lastly, his couple Jake & Amy. Once again he's put in the position of being the ultimate decision maker for whether they should or shouldn't.

Jake & Amy are on the brink of a possible divorce, whether they notice it or not.
Their debacle centers around Amy's current pregnancy. Abort or not to abort, is the question.
Jake wants another child, Amy does not.

After all this Paul is now allowed to unload his baggage on Gina, the supervisor who supervised his practice 9 years ago.

All in all, the show isn't really all that entertaining.

There's a mystique about it and I believe that to be the appeal to the vast majority of folks who stay tuned.

I would say this show can not be watched in one days sitting. You must watch it as it was intended to be viewed.

One patient, one day, 32 sessions.

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