Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slaves???What Slaves????


I'm sitting here minding my own business "working", listening to my Ipod.

Chester French's mixtape is playing and their, "Ciroc Star" feat Diddy and Jadakiss comes on.

**Insert Side Eye with a dash of conjunctivitis**

Chester French is bomb. Their mixtape is genius and their album is on some next level 'ish.

I partly sweat them bc they were breed in the heart of beantown.

"Beantown We Go Hard...."


I'm slightly appalled by two things that caught me off guard.


Diddy needs to just stick to his clothing line. That nicca can't rap, and even when he wrote his best mediocre lines that was in the the real Bad Boy Music era.

Lawd only knows you ain't no certified gangsta.


If you do one more shameless plug for your L, Ciroc, I'm gonna have to murk you.

Look kiddies, I used the word of the week in a sentence.

So, after having to subject my ears to such nonsense, I got myself thinking about Diddy and why I have a deep seated hatred for that nicca.

Yeah I said it. I'm not a fan.


For all those who may be one iota offended about what I'm about to drop on this Fecal matter named Diddy, stop while your ahead and check out some other post of mine.

Dear Diddy,

First I would like to start by saying I hate you.
Let's not confuse it with love. I know you methodically thought to yourself that this heffa is hating cause she ain't making guap like I am. You're right a$$hole. That's the reason I do hate you. Because you are making money. Making money off the slave trade you own, named Bad Boy.

Jesus spoke to me last night after Judas tried to trade me his gold coins for my SAAB and said there's a special place in hell for you right next to Bernard Madoff and his money grubbing ways.

You're what I call a Jack of All Trades, but a master of none.

You rape and pillage young aspiring models turned whores for your benefit.

You conquer, defeat and divide groups so they hate themselves.

You manage to mock the Black community more than VH1 has in the past three years.

Well Diddy, looks like you're the first Black owner of slaves post 18th century.

You deserve a cookie, better yet a cookie laced with rat poison.


Your Biggest Fan


  1. Anonymous9/6/09 10:33


    I completely agree with you on disliking Diddy. Many people think he's a great producer, crediting him to the success of Biggie, 112, MJB, Jodeci, Faith, The Lox, Junior Mafia, and Lil' Kim. But if you look much closer, it's easy to see that he lucked out. He happened to choose to work at one of the biggest record labels for the hip-hop community in the early 90s and thus got a great start. Let's not forget that every one of the groups/artists named had talent up the yin yang, so they would've made names for themselves with or without his help. Lastly, the person who had the connections to these people was Biggie and when he passed so did Diddy's connection. We all see how not long after Biggie passed, Diddy's relationships slowly fell apart. I'm not saying he wasn't sad when Biggie died because he was a life, but he was definitely sadder because of all the money he was going to lose from it. Anyhow, Diddy is talentless and the only reason he's even had a chance is because he's a good manipulator. He was able to manipulate things for Biggie long enough to make contacts which have been the only thing that's sustained him thus far in the industry. I am often confused why anyone would want to sign onto his label, seeing what he put groups like 112 and The Lox through for their name rights. Since the 90s he's managed to put together nearly 5 new acts, most of which have been utter failures.

  2. Anonymous29/6/09 14:34

    WoW!!!! I never thought about it those terms but you are so right. I could never put my finger on why I hate P. Diddy but now I know why. I mean besides how much of a douche nozzle he was on "Making of the Band", I mean how he treated Danity Kane was outrageous and mean spirited. Not to mention degrading of women. They always seem to be afraid of what he thought or what he would say. Its like watching the whole femenist movement take a step back.