Thursday, May 28, 2009


Urban Dictionary, a reliable source, defines "murked" as the following.

"Someone who was killed in a vicious manner.

Man that guy that lived around the corner from me got murked last night buy some dude with a sledge hammer, his head cracked open."

So what makes me want to murk someone????

Just about anything that pisses me off!!!!

Lest, I remind you that I enjoy foolishness... but at other peoples expense.

Chewing out loud.

I swear at times my hearing is frequenced so finely, that I can hear an ant crossing the street.

If I can hear that far, I can definitely hear you chomping at that apple that is damn near finished and you think there still some to chew.

Taking phone calls during me-and-you time

One may think, aww Miss X gets no love, her boos making and taking calls during me- and-you time.

On the contrary. I'm referring to friends who think that 'ish is kosher to ask me, being the optimal word, out to chill but wind up having a convo via cellular texting.

I'm no Diddy, and neither are you, and I'm pretty sure your a$$ ain't got a business to take of and a career to ruin.

If you're in my "fave five", you live a low key life as I do.

Label Whoring

I realize that we still have the bourgeois mentality.

The haves and have nots.

But, I'm a fake a$$ Birkin bag carrying citizen.

While you enjoy the finer things in life and like to brag about what and who you are wearing, I'm creating game plans on how to run a successful business with little to no means and make my first million, come 25.

Don't get me wrong. I have a Bulova watch, Frye boots and Gucci bags that are vintage circa 1975, but I'm never gonna sit in a conversation about Stalin and drop names like I'm still on Line repeating the founding Ladies of AKA!!!

Murking is a lifestyle, not a trend.

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