Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swoon Worthy

"I'm the bootleg queen....I'll give it to you for free 99"
-Kanye West

Yup, I'll admit, I'm too lazy and too cheap to purchase an 11 dollar ticket to the theater, so I catch my movie else where.

Top notch secret location....


But for real, I just caught Star Trek.

Jesus take the Wheel, Chris Pine is a looker!!!!

Movie was on point and well delivered, but my eyes were feeling up on Captain Kirk.

Spock can get it too.

You know I got a thing for brainiacs.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9/6/09 10:40

    1. Chris Pine is a cutie. Love him!
    2. Was never a Star Trek fan, but if the show was like this then perhaps I would've watched more of it when I was younger. I'm not into scifi, but I do love the geeks. Since I see to date the geeky guys who love scifi and I love NatGeo...we're a brainiac combustion waiting to happen! LOL