Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yeah, how about them Sequels...Yikes

Movie #3

I'm a fan of Donnie Darko. I thought that movie was executed wonderfully.

For those who may not know what Donnie Darko is about, let me put you on.

Donnie Darko tells the story of a boy who time travels to events that happen due to two reasons....

He's white, and you and I both now that $hit don't happen to negros. Lmao!!!

Where we gonna go, back to slavery. They ain't a decade where we get love.

Back to the second reason, he's crazy.

But that still makes for great entertainment.

I thought of Donnie Darko as more of a Alice in Wonderland adult version, queen not included.

So, years later, someone with the bright idea decided to do a sequel... S. Darko

I'm not gonna lie, when I heard, I was geeked up.

But after seeing it, all I can say is the soundtrack was banging.

My mother always said, if you ain't got nothing nice to say, don't speak or even give a little side eye.

I'll be following those directions.

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