Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Excuse me Miss...

It's a week and some change before I say hello to Miami...

Now, I must admit, this is my first time touching down in MIA and staying for more than an hour layover.

I'm hyped as hell and can't wait to get my vacation started.

I have a few things that I must get before I leave.

Such as...Club wear.

From what I've been told people enjoy partying in the skimpiest outfit they can find, or not find for that matter.

I however would like to put some eclectic ensembles together.

This is the one and only time I suggest coming up with a "signature".

A "signature" consists of one unforgettable theme that you're infamous for.

Betsey Johnson's skin cancer carrying braids. That's her thing,I sure as hell don't find that $hit cute, but hey, it works for her.

Karl Lagerfeld and his dark shades and driver gloves. That dude stay looking like he's going to Coco Chanel's funeral or something. But once again, it works for him.

And let's not forget Andre Leon, always rocking his turban chic head gear. I mean, that nicca has a turban piece made just for showering. It's crazy. But, once again, it works for him and that his signature, beside the bedroom slippers he thinks are kosher to wear outside.

Any who, signatures are the key to being remembered.

Point in case, my first year at Hofstra, before everyone decide to loc their damn hair and claim to be natural...

**insert side eye**

I was known as the girl with the golden locs. Hey, granted my name was of no importance, which I honestly prefer. But I was still a recognizable force.

What's ur signature 'Ma?

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