Monday, February 9, 2009

Two out of Three ain't so bad...

Three movies, two days, 4.5 hours....

90 minutes of....

"Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist",

"The Wackness",


" A Good Day to be Black and Sexy".

We'll begin with "The Wackness"

Let's just say the soundtrack saved the movie, but ultimately the soundtrack is the most important character in the film.

The musical quality of great throwbacks draws you in and keeps you centered around the ethics of each character.

It gives you what you need on a hot summer day in NYC. Biggie, Total, Puffy. It's the makings of the BAD BOY Dynasty @ it's best.

With"The Wackness" chump changing us, "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist", foots the bill.

Both films use music as a unique character whom gets better in each new scene.

'Nick and Norah', include a sensibility and likable way of capturing the audience, without all the bells and whistles. In short, it doesn't try hard to impress you.

It is what it is. And through these comical truth tellings, you love the characters that much more than you did when you first laid eyes on them.

Speaking of sight, I wish I never witnessed the nonsensical " A Good Day to be Black and Sexy". That movie was all kinds of messy, with no real substance behind it.

It tells tales of Black men and women and the trite $hit that happens in and out the bedroom, pillow talk included. I mean, I like my movies gritty and raw, but this $hit was just sloppy and unnecessary.

I guess better luck next time.

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