Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Nothing of true substance to blog about, yet, I've taken the time to put pen to paper.

So, it's Tuesday, and I'm wondering where the hell did my long weekend go?

Like, what the hell was I doing that I don't feel as if I had three days off and if I had, it flew by so quickly I can't remember it.

Oh yes, now I remember....

I was working.

I spent my weekend working hard as hell to get that money, because at some point and time, I'm gonna need that money for even greater endeavors, especially this summer.

The notion "you need money to make money" saddens me.

Money is the soul less devil that claims so many of us each and everyday.

Those who hold no crown to the dollar bill are subsequently the ones that can make a dollar last longer than a week.

Can survive on sheer luck and opportunity.

I mean, WTF, money holds the power, but those who can keep the money and actually perpetuate more are the ones that rule.

In short, there's a quite a difference between being rich and being wealthy.

Which one are you?

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