Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adam and Eve

Miss X is wondering about this blog that I recently began to follow.

Tales From A Groupie

Hey, I'll admit that it's juicy fictitious stories are great to read during a boring work day, but what gets me going are not the stories but the comments that people leave.

For instance, there was some rapper that I've never heard of on this side of the pond and the story teller was saying how wack he was in bed and so forth.

So she decides to only keep in contact with him for monetary means.

Question: WTF is wrong with women and getting money from niccas????

I'm beyond baffled on women who are proud to announce niccas give them money and they don't have to do anything to get it.

Maybe it's me, but I don't want any man giving me money unless it's for two reasons.

Reason # 1:

He and I are putting our money together to put a down payment on a house, car, or college fund for our peanut. Our being the optimal word.

Reason # 2:

Oh wait, reason # 1 covers all gamuts.

I'm getting infuriated day by day with every new story these broads like to divulge about a nicca doing this and a nicca doing that.

Yet I never hear about what the f-ck they're doing themselves.

Ladies, you want to know why women are constantly degraded, Black women in particular, it's because we seemly like to play the role of a doting gold digger.

Yes, I said it, GOLD...TO...THE...DIGGER!!!!

Women of all nations and creeds need to stop this mentality that men are our only monetary resources.

Men are not a side hustle and certainly not a side job. So stop trying to collect
$200 after you reach GO.

That 'ish is so sicken beyond belief.

And lastly, if you think that being to financially independent will scare a nicca off, then you need to reevaluate your meaning of being a Lady.


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