Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Try to Steal my Sunshine...You will Get Slapped

Who in their life has not one day or another been a Debbie Downer?

There are days that I like to sulk and expect all those around me to suffer the misery I must feel, but those days are far and few.

I usually take out pent up aggression in more constructive ways.

In light of all this I realized that Debbie Downers serve a true purpose, they truly have a calling....

That calling is to ruin every extraordinary moment that takes place in your life.

They're the ones who are out there to destroy your flow of creativity.

They're the ones who always see the glass half empty and feel it completely necessary to sway your way of thinking.

They're the ones to big you up, only to critique you when you fall.

And most importantly they're, you and me.

People please stop the belittling of others. Stop the hating of others. Stop the violation of others. And stop the discrimination of others.

If you do not understand, learn.

Envy and fear begets themselves and multiply into hatred of one's self and others.

If I see something I like, I don't hate, I marvel and take note on what someone is wearing or doing.

If I bare witness to greatness, I listen and interpret.

Please folk do the same.

Lawd only knows that ur spot shall be taken by a much more humble oblivious person.

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