Thursday, April 2, 2009

Unsolved Mysteries...

Correction, I purchased five new movies. Well two are no longer new because I finished them last night.

I've drawn conclusions on what I like and what I don't and, I'm pretty confident that these flicks were up my alley.

"Quid Pro Quo" and "Elegy"

Elegy tells the story of David Kepesh, an older gentleman whom has a taste for his students. He comes across a beauty that he's never encountered before, Consuela Castillo who renders him senseless and they start a love affair with an age difference of 33 years. She loves him, he loves her, but he realizes it too late in the game.

Quid Pro Quo, tells a tale about Issac Knott, a semi-paralyzed radio reporter, inquiring into a lead involving a man walking in to a hospital and demanding his perfectly healthy legs be cut off. Issac finds himself chasing after a subculture of wannabe paraplegics with the help of his lead, Fiona.

Both films centered around coming to terms with internal issues.

Whether it was David and his philandering ways or Fiona and her obsession with one day become a paraplegic.

Each story was told with awkward silences. In moments you thought something should be said, you fill the gaps of muteness with despair and agony.

You see acting differently. Facial composure or lack there of is the backbone of both films. Such acting is rare an often sought after by casting directors who want you to deliver emotion with few to little words.

And only a select actors can pull off such a sublime thing.

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