Wednesday, April 22, 2009

High Places...

I peeped this movie back last year on DVD, but I haven't watched it recently.

It just caught my attention like most DVD's do.

Who's in it and what does the cover look like.

Like I've mentioned in the past, that DVD cover might as well be blank, that how I buy.

None of the that overwhelming $hit.

Any way, "Half Nelson" stars Ryan Gosling.

He's a base head teacher battling his drug addiction and teaching history to the inner city youths.

Eventually that addiction catches up to him. He gets sloppy and one of his brightest kids in his class catches him on the floor high as hell.

Considering her up bringing, she can spot an addict a mile away.

She takes a liking to him. He takes a liking to her. And this builds a friendship unlike any other.

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