Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Come See the Circus Act....

I said to myself I would not comment.

But this is exactly what Cassie aka "Assie" wants us bloggers to do.

I see she's using that good old reverse psychology.

$hit I'd do it to if all I eva was an industry hole with no talent.

But you must give it to her, she's smart enough to use the same people who clown her to sit and blog about her dumba$$ness.

Great hustle Assie, great hustle.

Well either way the point I'm trying to make is, it's cool when
decides to shave the side of her locs, but when you start swagger jackin like you invented something new, that's when I say pls stop.

I'm saying at least if you're gonna shave ur friggin head, COMMIT do it on Amber Rose status...DAMN!!!!

And lastly,

U all know she secretly reminds you of the DC comic character Harvey Two Face from Batman

Let me stop before I get some hate mail. LMAO!!!!

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